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Imposing Multiple Text Boxes for Mailing Info

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Greetings to everybody at PTI and anybody else that reads this thread. My name is Rene, I work with the City of San Antonio's Print Shop doing Pre-Press and Graphic Design work. I'm looking for some help with posting mailing data.


Now I have done this before where you do an imposition using a comma delimited Excel mailing list, multiple mailers on a sheet with a different address for every mailer - that I've done many times, not a problem.


This project that we have now is already created as a PDF with 4 mailers on a sheet. Because of the bleed, finished cut size, size of paper we're using, print size limits of our printers, and the Post Offices mailing rules I might have to use the file they sent us the way they sent it to us. What I'm wondering, and haven't been able to figure out, is can I use FusionPro (version 8.0.20) to add 4 text different text boxes that I position where I need them on this 11x17 document and have it impose a different address for each one?


I've done a little testing already and I can see that Fusion Pro can impose information to the 4 texts boxes I placed BUT it keeps giving me the same address in each of the 4 text boxes. Every page is imposed as the same address 4 times and I need 4 different addresses per page.


Is there a rule I can write or a java script trick I can do to make it impose 4 different addresses in each of the 4 different text boxes per page? Someone help please.



Thanks in advance,


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Hi Dan thanks for the response.


I'm not using an .fpi file to define imposition for this. The PDF already has the design imposed 4 on a 11x17 sheet in a very specific way because of the bleed, cut, mailing restrictions etc. I didn't think I would need to use that since I only need to impose the mailing info for multiple addresses in different places. NOT the actual document multiple times on a larger sheet since it already is.

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Oh, I assumed you were using FP Imposer when you mentioned imposition. Basically, FusionPro composes one record of data at a time, and you can't generally use more than one record of data on a composed page. When you want to have a "multi-up" job, the usual way to do that is to take a 1-up job and impose it with FP Imposer, to put pages from multiple records on a single imposed sheet. That is the route I would urge you to take.


If you really don't want to do that, there are other options, but they're more complicated. You could use ExternalDataFileEx to open your data file and read records from it, then plug the data from different records into different frames on the page. But that's a lot harder to set up than using FP Imposer.


If you could collect up the job and post it, that might make it easier to understand exactly what you're trying to do.

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