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Question about FusionPro 6 when it arrives.


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Will FusionPro 6 support Acrobat 9? Can you tell us about any other new or enhanced features that will make the release? Thanks.


Has any other Mac users seen an incredible upswing in Acrobat 8 oddities since upgrading to 5.8? Three Machines all crashing when quitting, FP pallets that will no display, etc..?

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Hello Brad,


The FusionPro VDP suite v6.0 will support Acrobat 9 and InDesign CS4. There are 3 additional main features in the release that we will be announcing later this week...



Hi Mark,


Will 6.0 also support Quark 8? What about images - for instance EPS files - created in Illustrator CS4?

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