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Exempt a field from copyfitting


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Is there a way to "protect" a particular field from copyfitting? Or to set a maximum point size for one variable text field that overrides the copyfit settings?


I have a text frame with two lines. The first line is at 10 pt and the second line is at 5. I have the copyfit rule set to go no smaller than 8pt, so this means whenever copyfitting is applied the 5pt line is increased to 8pts. This is bad.


What I really need is a way to allow normal copyfitting to everything else in the document, but NOT to the 5pt line. That I want to stay exactly the same, no smaller, no larger. Is this possible?

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The whole point of a minimum size is that no text should be output below that size, so if you specify a minimum of 8 points, then yes, 5-point text will be changed to 8-point. You could always set the minimum size to a lower value, say, 5 points, which will prevent the 5-point text from being made larger (unless you check the "Allow text to expand to fit" box).


Or, if the text is really two separate lines, then just put it into two different text frames, and only copyfit the first one.

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