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One Rule, two different fonts

Brad Sawatzky

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I've been trying to customize a phone format rule to return a different font after the area code, and I'm close, but I'm missing something.

I've copied a rule from a previous post and customized it, but when I validate I get:

"(mulitple font phone1 rule, line 11: ReferenceError: formatNumber is not defined)"


My existing rule looks like:


var thisNumber = Field("Phone1");

var afterAreaCodeTags = "<f name= \"CB Univers 67 CondensedBold\">";


var formatStyle01 = afterAreaCodeTags + "$1-$2"; //simple 7 digit phone

var formatStyle02 = "$1-" + afterAreaCodeTags + "$2-$3"; //simple 10 digit phone

var formatStyle03 = "+$1 $2-" + afterAreaCodeTags + "$3-$4"; //10 digit phone starts with 1

var formatStyle04 = "$1-" + afterAreaCodeTags + "$2-$3 ext.$4"; //10 digit phone with extension

var formatStyle05 = "+$1 $2-" + afterAreaCodeTags + "$3-$4 ext.$5"; //10 digit phone starts with 1 with extension

var formatStyle06 = afterAreaCodeTags + "$1-$2 ext.$3"; //7 digit phone with extension


return formatNumber(Trim(thisNumber));


If anyone can point me in the right direction, I'd sure appreciate the help.


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