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Cannot login to store IE error ID 2909899


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I have a support question but this might attain to Marcom Central instead. Anyway here's my question.


I have a client who cannot login into our store. I have tried multiple teams using the same user name, password and same version of IE, 9.0.8112.16421 without a problem. He keeps getting an error ID 2909899. What's happening is that I have forced my client to change there password. Once he has done that and he tries to log back in then the error occurs. I've researched this put haven't come up with anything. Any Ideas?



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In the future store error IDs should be directed to support@pti.com.


Have they tried clearing their browser history, cookies and temporary internet files? If not please have them do that first and if it doesn't help please contact me at support@pti.com.


Jeff Stehman

Technical Support | PTI Marketing Technologies | Printable Technologies, Inc.

jstehman@pti.com | http://www.pti.com

858.847.6622 direct | 800.220.1727 office

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