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I need a rule the will allow me to insert an .eps file into a line of text. I tried using the inline graphic rule but don't really know what I'm doing.




Graphics file: box.eps

Text field: DoctorLeft1


Any help would be much appreciated.




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Below are the steps to take in Fusion Pro to create a formatted text resource with a graphic image inserted.

1) Go to the following menu options in at the top of your tool bar in fusion pro (FusionPro - Palettes - Steps)

2) When the "Steps" palette opens hit the second button down "Create Resources". This will open the resource dialog box.

3) Name your resource something you can recognize. In the "Type" drop down menu choose "Formatted Text". Hit the "Edit Button".

4) This will open a window that looks and works exactly as the variable text frame editor so that you can add and format you paragraph along with the variable. Once this is completed save and close out of all of these windows. You have created a formatted text paragraph.

5) In the "Steps" palette go to the "Create Rule" option and create the rule as you normally would. To insert the formatted text resource open your "Building Blocks" and click on the4 tab at the top that says "Resource". Your new formatted text resource should be listed here the way that you named it and you can insert it exactly as you would insert a variable field.

6) Then insert your rule into your variable text frame. Remember that your rule will contain your paragraph.


First, add the graphic file to FusionPro resources, by selecting "Create Resource".

To get the signature in, you will need to create a text rule that returns a graphic resource.

Click "FusionPro>>Edit Rules>>New>>Empty Rule. Give this rule an identifiable name.

Click the box for "Treat Return Strings As Tagged Text.

Your logic will look something like this:

return '<graphic file="box.eps">'

Click "Ok", "Ok".

Then click "Create Resource". Highlight the formatted Text resource you previously created. Click "Edit".

In the paragraph where the signature will appear, insert the rule name for the signature you just created.

Then go to the main text frame. Simply insert the formatted text resource. Preview. That's it.




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I'm getting there...just one thing wrong now. My paragraph is returning but the graphic is just returning the rule name of the graphic rule.


boxrule Dr. William A. Morris, MD


boxrule: return'<graphic file="box.eps">'

when I verify my rule it returns exactly the above instead of my box.

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There is no need to add your graphic file as resources and it is not necessary to create a formatted text resource.


If your file is at the path: /Users/Mac01/Desktop/647644_Ogilvy_Nycomed/Kunde/under.eps


You can make it more simple by typing


return '<graphic file="/Users/Mac01/Desktop/647644_Ogilvy_Nycomed/Kunde/under.eps">'



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I need to add an inline graphic, and using the inline graphic rule in the wizard sounds great, but this is for a website application; the path cannot be local. I don't want to try to upload the image somewhere and point it to that. I tried going through the steps mentioned in this thread at the beginning, but what I see when I preview the file is not correct. Here is what I have:


Rule 1:

return Resource("Resource1")

Rule 2 (with the Treat returned text... box checked):

return '<graphic file="square.tif">'

Resource1 (formatted text):


Rule2 never seems to show up in the preview, only the text in the Doctor fields. So, what am I missing? My guess is Rule 2 is wrong, but I am new to all of this so I have no idea.


My ultimate goal is to say, "If Doctor1 is not blank, put square.tif in front of it. Otherwise, return nothing," and repeat that for Doctor2-6. But I need to understand the inline graphic basics first.



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