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5960 label setup

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Hi All,

I am having trouble setting up a label job Avery 5960 that will have a flooded colored background with knockout type. I have a column that needs to be a really small typesize and different font (for postal breakdowns requested by mailhouse) from the name, address, etc. I setup everything in indesign and exported each text box as a variable text box - formatted the first label the way it needs to be. What I can't seem to get to do is move to the next record, is there an easy way to do that in fusion pro? I don't want to bring everything into indesign and format separately, appreciate any help you could give.

Thanks J

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Create a Formatted Text Resource. (FusionPro -> Data Definition -> Input Options -> Edit Resources -> Add, change the type to "Formatted

Text".) Click Edit to bring up the Variable Text Editor for the resource. Type in whatever text you want. (For paragraph styles, start on the second line.)

Create a Switch Rule to return the desired formatted resource to the text frame as needed.

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