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Intellegent Bar Codes


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This is my first time using the Intelligent Mail Barcode Rule.

It is not working and I am not really sure what I am doing wrong.


When I convert to javascript (to see where the issue lies) the error that it states is: The tracking number is not the correct length of 20 characters in record number 1.


Honestly, have not idea what that means.


Please provide some insight on how to go about learning to use this rule or what my issue may be.


thanks in advance for your help!


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The first parameter to the MakeIntelligentMailBarcode function is the tracking number, which must be exactly 20 characters. You're passing it a string which isn't exactly 20 characters.


The tracking number is made up of four separate components:

  1. Barcode Identifier
  2. Special Services ID (aka Mailer ID)
  3. Customer Identifier (aka Service Type ID)
  4. Sequence Number (aka Serial Number)

Please refer to this post, and the posts to which it links, for more information:


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I'm having the same issue. Data is provided to us from a few different sources. I get the same error on all of them.

They scan ok and the post office is fine with them but I would prefer not to have any errors when running a job.

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