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2D Datamatrix Barcode - Fixed # of Cells in Grid?


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We're trying to copy a customer's 2D Datamatrix barcode, and they insist that the cell format needs to be fixed in 12x12 squares.


(Meaning that if you would count the individual spaces that would make up the 2D barcode's grid, there would be 12 squares going across the barcode and 12 squares going up and down the height of the barcode).


In FusionPro, it seems like the 2D barcodes always default to a 14x14 grid - is there any way to modify this?


Thanks! :)


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By default, the Data Matrix barcode is output at the minimum size required to encode the data. You can force it to a different size by changing the barcode format, like so:

var barcode = new DataMatrixBarcode;
barcode.preferredFormat = 2;
return barcode.Make("some data");

Where format 2 denotes a size of 14 x 14, per this table:



The properties of the DataMatrixBarcode object are listed on the Building Blocks dialog, on the Objects node, under Barcodes, and then DataMatrixBarcode. You can also pass the format as a parameter to the MakeDataMatrixBarcode function, which is on the Functions tab under Barcode.

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