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Font problems with 8.1.2 Mac

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I'm having problems with some Adobe Type 1 fonts, such as good old AGaramond (Adobe Garamond).


These used to work no problem until I upgraded to 8.1.2.


  1. Now I don't seem to have access to AGaramond in my Fonts menu in FP Text Editing dialogs. It used to show up as "AGaramond" in the font menu, now it doesn't show.
  2. The Screen Preview rendering of the font is really screwed up on the PDF layout, but looks fine in the Text Editor dialog box.
  3. During Output, I get complaints that"AGaramond" is not a loaded font. Output looks just as bad as the Preview.
  4. Helvetica looks like hell. Tracking is all screwed up and the letters look stretched.


I've tried a couple times to install/uninstall, reboot, reload Fonts, etc. Nothing seems to work, and, this used to work fine under 8.0.x.


See attached Screenshot to see what I mean. You can see "Adobe Garamond Pro" listed, which is an OTF font (and is different than Adobe Garamond, so don't suggest I use it :) But there's no Adobe Garamond, nor is there an "AGaramond".


What do I do?


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We have identified the cause of the problem. This was an unintended regression resulting from some font loading changes to handle fonts installed with third-party font utilities. It will be fixed in the upcoming 8.2 release.


Thanks to Paul for the information, and sorry for the trouble.


Please contact FusionProSupport@PTI.com and reference case FP-11892 with any further information or questions regarding this issue.

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