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Convert 24 hour format to 12 hour format?


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A Google search for "javascript parse 24-hour time" returns several results.


This one seems to work for me:



You can just copy that code into your rule, or into your JavaScript Globals, and then do this:

return FormatDate(parseTime(Field("YourFieldName")), "h:nn A");

However, for a more robust solution, I would bring in the Date.js library for anything like this. You can download the file and either put it in your Plug-ins folder [C:\Program Files (x86)\PTI\FusionPro\Plug-ins], or copy-and-paste the entire contents into your JavaScript Globals. Then you can create a rule as simple as this:

return Date.parseExact(Field("YourFieldName"), ["HHmm", "Hmm"]).toString("h:mm tt");

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