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Javascript/Rule Editor will not copy & paste

Cody Williams

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Does anyone know why the Javascript/Rule Editor will not copy & paste or accept text that was copied from another windows application (MS word, UltraEdit, Notepad)? Is this a bug with the latest version 8.1.2 FusionPro Creator? If this is not a bug can PTI please enhance the Rule Editor to allow cut, copy, and paste as these are basic Windows PC keyboard/mouse functionality. Sometime trying to view the bulletin board and copy a simple rule from another user or copying just one rule from a previous project because a task of mission impossible. Please note I understand the import capability of rules from previous jobs and that is not the functionality I'm looking for as that does not solve the problem. If there is something I have missed on install please let me know or is there a way to use or substitue an outside editor with FusionPro Creator? I use UltraEdit for other program projects and I love it.



Cody Williams

FusionPro Creator ver 8.1.2

Adobe acrobat ver 9.5.2

Windows 7 Pro SP1, 64 bit, 8 gig-mem, i-7_ 2.30gighz

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