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Text in Variable Text Editor too small


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I have trouble with the variable text editor.

I need to mark the text within to 6,5 and 3 pt.

When doing that, the visible text becomes so small that it is impossible for me to see and select the correct part to adjust.

I can resize the window but the text will not appear larger on the screen.

Does anyone know if it's possible to change this?


In addition:

I need to adjust a 3 pt bullet (•) up by 1,3 pt.

In InDesign it's easy but how to do this in the variable text editor of FP?


Thanx for your help in advance!

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There's a magnification dropdown selection in the bottom left corner. For the bullet, you can go into Paragraph/Global Settings and set up Superscipt. Set your Ratio to 100% and the Offset a percentage of how high you want it to go. It may not look right in the VTE but it should preview correctly in Acrobat.
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We're working on updating the Variable Text Editor dialog on Mac to use newer Mac technologies, which should allow us to finally offer a Zoom capability as on Windows. Keeping up with Apple's changes to OS X is a constant challenge. At any rate, we hope to have this new text editor functionality available in the 8.2 release before the end of the year, but I can't promise anything.
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What you might want to do as a workaround, for now, is to create a simple JavaScript rule like so:

return '<z newsize=3>';

Then you can adjust the point size of the text in the Variable Text Editor to any size you want, and insert the variable with that rule's name in front of any text which should be output in 3-point size.

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