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Imported tiffs are pixelated


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Acrobat 10.1.3

FP 8.0.20

Mac OS 10.7.4


I'm trying to create name badges that have employee pictures and names. The pictures were created in Photoshop and saved as 300 dpi tiff files.


I've created all the necessary rules and resources but when I preview the output of the badges, the photos appear very pixelated as tho they were down sampled.


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated as I told my boss this job would be a "piece of cake"

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I'd bet you have this set to downsample to 72dpi at composition.


When you compose, click the "Graphics" tab, and verify that under "downsample all graphics to 72 dpi" the first radio button ("Never, graphics are used at their full resolution") is selected.

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