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Pre-Filling Addresses for Multiple Locations (MarcomCentral)


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I am setting up envelopes that will have multiple location options for a client. Basically, I need each address to populate based on the location the user selects from a drop down list. They would like the addresses to pre-fill based on the location selected. They would also like to edit the information if need be. How would I approach this at the beginners level of using printable? We gave them the option of creating groups for each of their departments, but they decided against this option. What would be the best approach?


Additional Information:

When I created the template in FP, I created formatted resources and a switch rule for my locations, but how would I go about uploading my formatted resources into MarcomCentral?


I have all 7 of my files uploaded to the template tab in MarcomCentral. I was able to prefill one location(under the field options tab) but I am unable to pre-fill the remaining 14 addresses to match the locations in my drop-down menu. When I map my prefills, I am only allowed to enter 1-default text but I need 14 different default addresses. http://forums.printable.com/images/buttons/edit.gif

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