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A Rule associating with a comma and suffix of a name


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I have a data file with the fields:

Pre Name

First Name


Last Name

Post Name (Suffix)


When I create my text box in Fusion Pro and add in the fields, I also type a comma in there. However, not everyone has a Post Name (Suffix). I would need somehow for that comma only to be used when the person has a Post Name. Please let me know how I can accomplish this.




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To elaborate and revive this thread, I am having the same issue but the code Dan posted isn't working for me. I've played around with it quite a bit and think I must be missing something obvious here.


I have the fields:

First Name

Last Name



In my variable text is set up as so: «First Name» «Last Name», «Title»


Not every name has a title, so I want to remove the comma when the Title field is empty.


The code I was using is:

return Field("Title") ? ", " + Field("Title") : "";


Help please!



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This is definitely not the best, easiest or most efficient but you could us something like this:


//commaRule (This is the rule name)


if (Field("Title") != "")

return ", " + Field("Title");


return "";


Then in your text frame you wouldn't put the comma just the rule.

Field("First Name") Field("Last Name")commaRule

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