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Formatting in Text Edit


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I need to be able to give the client the ability to upload and format large amounts of copy. I realized that they can paste the text from a Word doc into the interface, but...it is allowing me one font or the other and is not honoring the false bolds when generating proofs.


Can multiple styles be formatted for use in TextEdit (body style and header style) and the ability to inset bulleted copy?

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When you say "upload," do you mean in a Web-to-Print system of some kind? If so, the web application will need to provide the text as tagged markup, using FusionPro's tagging. The Tags Reference Guide documents FusionPro's tagged markup system. Our own MarcomCentral Web-to-Print system uses its own rich text editor, from which it generates tagged markup, as does the Variable Text Editor dialog in FusionPro Creator (Desktop).


FusionPro does not directly read in Word or RTF files. You can copy-and-paste from Word into the Variable Text Editor dialog, and it will capture some of the formatting, but it doesn't handle things like bulleted lists.

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Also, the FusionPro composition engine does use named character and paragraph styles internally, but these are not exposed in the Variable Text Editor in the Acrobat plug-in. The style dictionaries can be accessed and modified via the DIF Control API, and then called out in tagged markup text with <p style=***> tags. But this still requires the web application to manage the styles and tagging; the styles are not automatically brought in from Word or any other document or text format.
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I am using Fusion Pro Desktop and uploading to the Form/Template Setup.


I only need the text from Word and have to assume that the end user will copy/pasting like I did to test this. But the client will need to format the text in the Editor through the online storefront.


The only way that I know of uploading the amount of copy is through TextEditor, which works fine in context of that feature. Currently, I have only one field in my FP template marked <Main Copy> since the copy will vary greatly for each piece produced. However I need two styles to be functional with that one field (header and body). Would the tagging feature allow this?


My first test, once uploaded, I only allowed the one font.

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