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Bleeds lost when composing


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I have a newsletter that I export from IDCS5.5. It's setup in spreads, has bleeds and crops and exports correctly.


When I do my variable setup I create block for a mailing address. No matter what format I compose to the bleeds and crops are being lost. It's like FP is seeing the crop marks and cropping the document.


If I export to PDF I can use the Acrobat crop tool to expand the document size to 12x18. However in a newsletter with (4) 11x17 pages that does not allow me to impose a booklet in the correct way with my RIP (pages are all out of order).


If I export to PPML or PS it loses the bleed/crop information and I have no way to edit the document size.


export to VPS is a whole 'nother issue - It produces a PDF with x amount of pages of the SAME PAGE.


export to VIPP just plain fails on my RIP.


I blame gremlins personally, but I also think there's a problem with FP ;)

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Is there any way you could upload a sample of the file you're having an issue with so that I could take a look at it?


I want to say the solution could be as simple as opening your imposed PDF and setting your TrimBox to zero in the crop pages menu (for all pages in the document). But I kind of like the gremlin scenario.

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excellent... never paid attention to those.


still, seems odd that it would not use the dimensions of the file to impose to, but whatever... at least now I know where the gremlins live and how to make them do my bidding!

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