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CoolTypeCarbonLib: what is it for?


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As of today, InDesign and Illustrator crash whenever I try to launch the apps. I posted a crash report on the Adobe forums and someone suggested that CoolType was the cause of the crash. Per Sherlock, the only reference to CoolType on my machine is the CoolTypeCarbonLib that is installed with FusionPro. Can anyone tell me what this extension is for and whether there's any chance of running FP without it?


(Personally, I don't think this it the root cause as the two programs worked since installation several weeks ago without problems. I'm just grasping at any straw offered at this point.)

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That's part of the older PowerPC/CFM version of the PDF Library used by FusionPro prior to version 8. No, you can't run FusionPro 7 without it. But it has nothing to do with your InDesign and Illustrator issue.


Like FusionPro 8, recent versions of InDesign, Illustrator, and Acrobat use newer, Intel/Mach-O versions of the PDF Library, which consists of a set of frameworks, such as AdobeCoolType.framework, which are included in the application bundle. You can see these if you right-click on one of the applications and select "Show Package Contents," then drill down to Contents/Frameworks. Sherlock probably purposefully doesn't show you these files, but they are there. (I'm surprised you're still even using Sherlock; that's really old-school now that the Finder can find things.)


At any rate, I can't tell you what's wrong with your Adobe applications, but the older PDF Library files installed with FusionPro 7 aren't the problem.

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