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Dynamic underline text does not match static underline

Mike Duschak

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I've been using FusionPro for a few years now and love it.


One issue I continue to fight(Mac or PC) is the actual line that appears below dynamic text that uses underlines is closer to the bottom of the text than the line below static text that has an underline.


I faintly recall a solution to this problem offered in the old forum, but those posts have not migrated to this new site yet.


Anyone else know what I'm talking about and if so, do you have a work around?


Thank you!

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Hello Mike,


Try the following sample rule to see if this helps. Create an "Empty" Text Rule.

Check the option for "Treat Return Strings As Tagged Text".

Enter the following logic. Preview in the text variable.



return '<f name=Arial><z newsize=12><b>'+'<u>'+ var1 +" " + "Jeff was alone in the hospital for 8 months"+'</u>'+'</b>'+ "!";

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Thanks Alex.


Still looks different.


To further explain: InDesign seems to apply underlines differently from FusionPro in terms of positioning of the underline itself. InDesign has a space between the bottom of the characters and the underline, where FusionPro has the line up closer to the bottom of the characters.


I'm using Times New Roman 9pt Bold. I tried your suggestion using a couple different fonts and the underline still looks the different from that generated on static text in InDesign.


Thanks for your suggestion though, I forgot I can do in-line assignments for fonts.


Any other thoughts? I still want to say I've seen a solution in the old archives.


Thanks again.

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Hello Mike,

In FusionPro, there is a limited amount of options as to what we can do

with an underline.

There's not really a way to change the underline position, which should

be set just a bit below the baseline. However, you may not see the

difference on-screen in Acrobat, especially in smaller point sizes and

magnifications. Does it look right when you print the output?

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Screen vs. print is the same.


I think I'm just going to go with what I've got on this one. Like I said, I've always had this problem with underlines, just thought I'd seen a solution at one time.


Thanks again for your help.


Any chance we can get this issue added to the wish list for the next release?

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