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vertical lines after imposition


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Hello -

I have 4x6 duplex cards set up on a 12x18 sheet, no bleed. The resulting imposed PDF contains short vertical lines between each card. What are these & how to keep them out?






XP, FP Desktop 8.0.2, Acrobat 9

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Not sure what that is. Make sure you do not have the Crop Marks box checked on the Imposition tab in the FP composition menu. Are you positive it is not part of the template? Try one of the following to see:


1) Compose without the background content enabled. On the Graphics tab in the composition menu, check "Suppress static PDF background in composition". If the black line goes away, it is in your PDF.


2) Compose the PDF without the imposition, but display bleed space (even though you indicated there was none). If the black line shows, it is in your PDF.


3) Compose on a larger sheet size than the item. Does that black line show? If so this means it is part of the original art work. If the black line shows, it is in your PDF.


See what happens. If all else fails, trash that FPI and create another from scratch.

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