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Moving variable data text fields depending on size of graphic

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Hi all,


I have a problem that I was hoping to solve in FP Desktop 6.0P1e (my company is too tight to invest in anything newer!)


I have a client who wants business cards. The backs can be a choice of 28 different designs and contain no variable data and are identified within a field in the spreadsheet. - So far, so good.


The fronts, however, contain the name/position of the 'buyer' and their mobile telephone number - again, no issue.


My problem is that the company has 12 different addresses and any number of different Customer Care Telephone Numbers and Telesales Numbers which they want to appear below the address all of which are either 3 or 4 lines deep.


Short of recreating all of the address data in a spreadsheet (which could be troublesome as they only supply pdf samples), if I make a 'graphic' of each of the address blocks is it possible to make the text fields containing the telephone numbers stay with to the bottom of the address block graphic, so the text is always a consistent distance from the bottom of the address field?


Thanks in advance



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I think your best bet may be to input the address block as a Formatted Text Resource so that your type doesn't get rasterized and whatnot. Then you can call the appropriate text resource based on the version type.


Is that what you're trying to accomplish or have I completely misunderstood the question? (I do that sometimes haha)

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