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I have a bunch of different templates for some different letters that have been constructed seperately; I was curious to know if it was possible to link or import these seperate Fusion PDF templates as resources, so that I have just one master template that pulls the other templates in based on precreated rules from triggers in the data. I know you can important a PDF as a graphic resource but if you link a PDF that has Fusion boxes in it as a graphic resources, they are not pulled just the "graphics" of the PDF.


I have constructed other templates that contain the body of a letter as graphic resources and have made rules that pull the appropriate ones in as needed based on the data but it would be excellent to be able to import entire templates as resources. Is this possible?



Thanks a lot!

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Templates cannot be brought in as resources, but they can be built as template pages within FP. Also referred to as "repeatable components". They are extra pages (templates really) that are not visible in the preview. You would build them to the size of the frame they are to appear in, then when called upon by your rule, the respective template page gets inserted into the frame.


Here is a thread I found talking about this exact subject:



Hope this helps!

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Thank you for your reply. I only have a few months of experience with this software, so it'll take me some time to get my mind around everything. It seems to make sense, I just have to technically figure out how to handle everything for this specific project/application at hand.

Do the *.DEF files come in to play here? I see them generated during merges and collects and skimming through them in notepad they seem to contain all the information for the template.


Thank you the link and the direction. I appreciate it!

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