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Fonts, Fonts are Driving me Crazy


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We have a customer that has proprietary fonts that we are using. They have provided all required fonts for the job and I cannot get them to work in Fusion Pro. I can activate them within Linotype font explorer and they work in InDesign. The fonts will load on a PC version of FP.


The font is a TrueType.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I have problems with fonts loading with Font Explorer/Suitcase and FusionPro as well. It's as if FusionPro does not pay attention to which font resources are loaded at the time it runs - if your fonts aren't being managed with OS X's FontBook, FusionPro can't access them.


Admittedly, I am getting tired of constantly performing the FusionPro --> Advanced --> Load Fonts, Quit FP, Quit Acrobat, Launch Acrobat, Launch FusionPro routine.

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