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Overflow pages in template preview

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I am using overflow pages to create a multi-page document. There are 62 different data scenarios (the template data file).


My issue: the overflow pages do not render in the template's "preview" mode. I can only see them after composition. I need to see them in preview mode because there are a few data scenarios that cause excessive pages to be added. I need to know which ones (in preview mode) so I can examine the rules and determine why.


I think there should be an "OnRecordStart" rule I could write to invoke the overflow pages during preview... but I cannot seem to craft one.


Any ideas?

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Overflow pages do not get populated in Preview mode, by design. The whole idea is that you don't know how many extra pages (if any) will be added in the output, and you only have a set number of pages in the template. We can't add a page to the template PDF just for previews.


Even if we decided to change this to show the contents of the first Overflow page in Preview, you still would only see the one instance of the page, which I don't think would help you to see "excessive pages" being added. Also, it's possible to have multiple text frames overflowing to the same Overflow page, which would make deciding which one to show in the single Overflow page at Preview time ambiguous.


What you can try is to temporarily disable the Overflow for your Body page flow by selecting "Discard text that does not fit." Then you can preview the pages and see the red line at the end of the frame when it's overflowed. Once you're done and things are right in Preview, you can turn Overflow back on for your composition.

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