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Switching Store Language returns to default store settings

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I am setting up a storefront for my first international client. I was checking out the option to allow the store to add Store Locales to all different languages supported by printable. I have a couple of questions on how to do this properly.


1) It seems when I am in the store and try to change languages from my default to another supported language, the banner switches to the Marcom Central default banner, and the colors return to default as well. Is there a way to either keep my settings across languages, or set new settings for these other languages?


2) Is there a way to save multiple language product names and descriptions that could change based on store language selection?



Attached is a screen shot of my store in my default English, followed by that same store switched to French.

Language switch.zip

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1) The banner/colors need to be setup for each active language. In the section where you set the banner/colors; select the language at the top, define the banner/colors as needed and click submit at the bottom. Switch to the next language and repeat.


All sections that support custom content per language are basically done the same way (Custom Store Copy, Custom Location Labels, Customize Emails).


2) You need to create a version of each Product in each language you wish to support. That way you can define the template, description, instruction etc... in that respective language. Next you need to create a Group for each of those languages and filter Product respective of the language.


Hope this helps

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