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Help with Drop Down Lists


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I have a customer that wants to create a form but wants to generate the information from a pick list.


First drop down list would be a Category

Second drop down list would be a Class (info that populates would be dependent on what was chosen during the first drop down list)

Third drop down would Options (info that populates would be dependent on what was chosen during the second drop down list)

Fourth - Description (text field) would auto-populate multi-line Text-Field info about the third drop down list.


Is this something that can be done in FusionPro and then uploaded to the Marcom Central Storefront?


Please let me know if any of the above information does not make any sense or more information is needed. I am pretty new at using FP and still trying to figure this all out. Any information/help would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks, Sean

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This would all be done in MarcomCentral. Create your fields using the same values you plan to use in your drop-downs (for testing). Then you would create the drop-downs either in a library or for each field independently, after you upload your template files. You would then use the "Cascading drop-down" UI Rule to filter each drop-down in relation to the previous one.


Hope this helps

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