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I'm having a bit of trouble understanding the concept of "iForms". By what I understand iForms is just logic used to determine a user selected state. (I.E if chosen color = red, then output color = red). What I'm not understanding is - is this something that can be done myself, or will the printable staff have to code the logic? Also, if I CAN do the logic myself, is there any type of instructional or help docs on it?


What I am trying to do is add the possibility to order a hard proof while you are ordering a versioned product, and then apply a misc. charge if they request one.

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iForms is functionality that can be enabled in your store to do one of three things:

1) Apply an additional cost based on a selection made in a versioned form (e.g., a finishing option)

2) Apply product pricing based a user attribute (e.g., different pricing per user groups or TPAs)

3) Filter dropdowns in a form based on selections made by the user in the same form


iForms functionality must be originally set up by Printable's Professional Services Department. If you have a specific project/need and would like more information on how iForms can be applied in your store, please contact your CPM.





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The example you reference - (I.E if chosen color = red, then output color = red) - can really be set up using UI rules or with a JavaScript rule within your template. That's not really what iForms is. What you are indeed trying to achieve, however, definitely must be set up using iForms and falls under the first topic Aslinn covers above defining its functionality.
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