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Stop Composition on a variable setting


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I have a daily project (which we run on FusionPro Server) that requires me to create a customer proof of the first 100 occurrences of unique store numbers. These store numbers are included as a field and I have programmed a way of compiling only those records. Currently I have each non unique store record being skipped for the customer proof compilation and then just skip through to rest of the data file to the end after the 100th unique store record has been processed. A much simpler method than I had to do before. So far so good.


The data files have averaged 100,000 or so records and there are times when the 100th store appears before record 1000 but sometimes not until record 20,000. I just never know. The template still has to process through all 100,000 records to the end. Quite time consuming and takes up processing time for other projects on FP Server. Is there a way or telling FusionPro to simply force-break the composition or go to end-of-file?


I really don't what to have to read each data file into excel and write out only the unique records then trim it out to the first 100.


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What mailing software are you using? I believe our mailing software can automate that feature by looking for the "unique" stores and then selecting "100" records. Appears that it would select the first 100 stores also in our mailing software as well.


Also, creating a _proof.csv file from excel on 100,000 records would only take about 2 minutes to create from the final file. Another processing step in Excel and outputting but should be a lot quicker than your current setup.

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