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Importing Rules, CS3 export errors


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I'm new with Fusion Pro & have a few questions that I can't seem to find clear answers to:


1. According to my understanding, I should be able to export the DEF file from one input PDF and the use it in a different input PDF. However, the only thing that imports is the data source connection and one rule. I had created about 10 rules in the rules wizard that I'd like to use in this updated input PDF. Any advice?


2. My design program is InDesign CS3. Upon exporting to Fusion Pro, I frequently get an error "InDesign CS3 has encountered an error and is shutting down". Is this likely a CS3 issue, a windows (Vista Ultimate) issue?


Thanks to all! -Kyle

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On your first question, was the original file with the ten rules saved before exporting the def file? Instead of exporting it, open the new pdf. Then run the FusionPro Define Data wizard. Select the option to "Import data file from..."

Test and see if this helped.


On your second question, what is the exact build of FusionPro as indicated from the

FusionPro palette in CS3?

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Thanks for your help Alex. Yes, I did save the 1st input PDF. I did try the method you suggested of importing the DEF file via the wizard, but i still get the same results (only 1 rule showing up and not the others)


Is there any way to manipulate the contents of the DEF file manally in order to copy rules to other documents?



Re. the CS3 export error, The exact build as listed in InDesign is: 5.8P1m


ok thanks,



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