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Nextreme Workflow Automation AKA DL Hotfolder

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I'll be upgrading a Windows Server box running DL-1000 version 2.1 (yes, it's ancient) to spanking new Fusion Pro Server 7 machine soon. My old DL-1000 is a version that was OEMed from Kodak and came with some custom software they'd written.


Just wondering if there's any recommended method of replicating the old NexTreme Automator Workflow Automation Tool that Kodak used to OEM with DL-1000. Basically, it setup and monitored HotFolders, associating them with a DIF, CFG, and an Output Folder.


I can convert our workflow to issue console commands to mimic the functionality, but I really liked the ability of the WAT to allow one to simultaneously dump dozens of files on various hot folders and have the DL Queue sort everything out, queue up requests and process them in an orderly fashion.

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