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FusionPro Server Fonts Warning

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Don't know if this should go in this section or just the regular Desktop section since I get this warning on both versions during compilation. I just get it more often from the server end of things. Every once in a while I get a warning such as...


Font <Humanist 777 Bold Condensed> normal style is not loaded, using italic style of this font family.


I guess there really isn't a problem since the font in question (in this case Humanist 777 Bold Condensed, but it has occurred for many others as well) usually still embeds within the output file correctly. I just keep scratching my head as to why I get this warning. In this case I'm really perplexed since the italic font of this family is not even installed at all! How could FP use that font as a substitute when it ain't there? Does it have something to do with how the fonts are named by the different companies that create the fonts to begin with?


I've looked in the fonts.ini (link and directory path is fine) and the fonts.err files and there is nothing wrong with the listings for the Bold Condensed version of the font.


What does this warning actually mean??


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Well, I can't tell for sure without looking at both the job and the fonts.ini file on your machine, but basically, it's correctly telling you that the "Humanist 777 Bold Condensed" font family doesn't have a "normal" style.


If you look in the fonts.ini file on the machine where the job was designed, there are probably multiple instances of fonts with "Humanist 777" in their names. There are also two numeric flags for each font, something like "0;0" or "1;0," denoting whether each font has bold and italic bits set. FusionPro Server also loads fonts from Assets.dat, which are marked in the <fontdict> section of DIF file with bold and italic attributes.


When you call out a font family in FusionPro with the <f> tag, you have one of four styles, or faces, running: "regular" or "normal" (neither bold nor italic), bold, italic, or bold plus italic, based on the presence or absence of <b> and <i> tags. In this case, the font "family" named "Humanist 777 Bold Condensed" doesn't have a "normal" (non-bold and non-italic) style, so FusionPro uses a different style and warns you about it in the log file.


The thing is, there isn't really a font family named "Humanist 777 Bold Condensed." If you look at the fonts on the system where the job was designed, there's probably a family named "Humanist 777," and one of its styles is named "Bold Condensed." Fonts with names like these aren't actual font families, but they show up in the list of fonts, especially on Mac, to allow you to use fonts with more than four styles, such as "condensed" or "light" variations.


The best way to fix this is probably to go back to the job and select a different font family without the word "bold" or "italic" in its name. Or, when you do select a font with one of those words in its name, make sure to use it only in the available styles.

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