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FusionPro <config file>

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I am having troubles understanding FusionPro Server Batch Mode in Windows. I composed a job, then used the command prompt, went to C:\Program Files\Printable\FusionPro, typed FusionPro followed by a <space> then dropped in the path to my Config File. I got three lines that said "CFG file contains invalid entries" then a line saying "Format File parameter is in a bad or wrong format." I attached an image and my CFG file.






Can someone help me understand this process? I made another Config File (.cfg) using FusionPro Configuration and got the same message. I would really like to use this utility, but I think I am missing something.

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Unless your CFG file contains a "FormatFile" entry, and probably "InputFile" and "Output file" entries as well, then you can't invoke FusionPro.exe by giving it just the CFG file as a single command-line parameter. You need to call FusionPro.exe with four command-line parameters, to designate the format (DIF), input, and output files to use for the composition, in addition to the job settings (CFG) file. It's the first usage reported when you run FusionPro.exe without any parameters:

Usage: fusionpro <instance file> <format file> <config file> <output file>

For instance, if you first compose the Frodo Travel tutorial in FusionPro Desktop, then you can compose it with FP Server by issuing this command from the directory containing the Frodo Travel tutorial files:

"C:\Program Files\Printable\FusionPro\FusionPro.exe" frodo-InstanceData.txt frodo.dif frodo-InstanceData-Output.cfg batch-out.pdf

The single-parameter usage is designed for systems which modify the CFG file to add FormatFile, InputFile, and OutputFile entries, making the CFG file into a full-fledged "job" file for FP Server. Such systems, typically web-to-print applications, often add and modify other CFG file settings as well, from the original CFG file uploaded by an end user as part of a collected FusionPro job.


For more information, please refer to the FP Server and Direct Guide, installed as ServerFPDGuide.pdf in the Manuals folder in your main FusionPro installation location.


Also note that the new FusionPro VDP Producer API Web Service provides a programmatic interface for FP Server, without having to build up command-line parameters or modify CFG files. Contact your salesperson for more information about that.

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I read the FusionPro Server & FusionPro Direct guide and I composed the Frodo Travel Tutorial, I am still having problems with

fusionpro <instance file> <format file> <config file> <output file>


I'm having trouble seeing the picture you're trying to attach unless I'm in editing mode.


At any rate, the problem is that you're not quoting the paths which contain spaces. This is DOS 101: if a command-line parameter contains spaces, you have to enclose the entire parameter in double quotes. Try dragging-and-dropping each file onto the command prompt window; this will properly quote the full paths for you.


EDIT: That's not really the main problem, which is that you don't have an FP Server license. Please see my next post.

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Actually, strike my previous response. Well, it's still true that you need to quote parameters with spaces in the Command Prompt.


However, looking at the picture in your original post (which I also can't see in the regular view for some reason), your main issue is that you have a FusionPro Direct license, not a FusionPro Server license. You need a full-fledged FusionPro Server license in order to use the command-line API. Please contact Sales for more information.

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