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Installing 7.1 on Parallels (PC) partition on my Mac


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Several questions.

FP still does not work on Mac LION OS. When will it?

Since I cannot run Fusion Pro on my Mac, I am trying to install FP 7.1 on Parallel partition on my mac. It will not install. Runs through the install in 1 second and does not install the plugins in CS5 or Acrobat 9.

Is there another way to add the plugin to Acrobat pro and ID 5?

I have stripped all Fusion Pro from Mac and the Windows XP partition. I have tried FP 6 and FP 7.1

HELP? :confused:

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Upgrading to FusionPro 8 isn't really an option right now.


Is FusionPro 7.0 compatable with CS5.5? I'm thinking that may be the problem and I'll need to have CS4 on my computer for it to work correctly.

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