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SetBodyPageUsage return two pages


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I have a static document with 44 pages which contain front page, back page, front page, back page .. etc. So 22 two-sided documents.


I would like help with a SetBodyPageUsage rule that returns 1 document (two pages) based on field input.


So, something like this:


if field=1, return page 1+2

if field=2, return page 3+4

if field=3, return page 5+6


The fieldvalue or pagename can be whatever.


I've searched the forums, but haven't found an appropriate code to copy. I could code it myself but that would be one hell of a long code so I would appreciate some help :-)

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If the field values can be whatever, why not make it the value of the pages you would like to turn on? For example: Field = "1/2" where "1" is the first page and "2" is the second page. And all of your pages are named accordingly. Then your code would look like this:


var pages = Field("YourFieldHere");
FusionPro.Composition.SetBodyPageUsage(pages.split("/")[0], true);
FusionPro.Composition.SetBodyPageUsage(pages.split("/")[1], true);

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Step's solution is good, but requires the data to match the page names. I would do this the other way around, basing the page names on the data, something like "1 Front", "1 Back", "2 Front", "2 Back", etc., then the rule will simply look like this:

FusionPro.Composition.SetBodyPageUsage(Field("YourFieldName") + " Front", true);
FusionPro.Composition.SetBodyPageUsage(Field("YourFieldName") + " Back", true);

This will allow you to add more pages based on any arbitrary field data. For instance, if you add a field named "Illinois", you need pages named "Illinois Front" and "Illinois Back".


Note also that both my and step's solutions assume that all pages are initially set to unused in the Page Usage dialog.

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