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Is it possible


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Hello I have a question about Fusion Pro, hopefully I can explain

what we want to do.


We received a printed piece with a fall foliage image on the front,

in the grass there is the person's first name coming out of it,

which is part of the variable data. But it is not really type (well I

guess it is) what it does is the name is created by knocking

out of the 4 color image, but only from the black and cyan color.

So coming out of the green grass is the name in magenta and yellow only,

which creates the effect.


We have a NexPress 2500 and I send via hot folder vdx files to it.

I assume I could do with Indesign and send as a PDF but the file

would be huge and take forever to rip.


I would like to hear from anyone that has any input on how

this could be achieved with Fusion Pro or maybe it can not.





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I would do this in a FusionPro Expression template. The FP Expression image personalization engine has better features for masking text with a foreground image like what you describe than the main FusionPro VDP engine does. Then you can hook up the Expression template to your FusionPro VDP job to run the variable data through it.


You might also be able to achieve the same effect without Expression by putting down multiple layers of the text, with overlapping frames, in different colors, and setting the Overprint settings on the individual colors in the Edit Color dialog.

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