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Range Sequential Numbering?


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I've got an odd project. I need to find a way that I can generate Sequential Numbers 000001 thru 348000 but the kicker is I need to only grab every 1000 records starting with the 1st.


Here is the background. These are for coupons for stores, each store is going to be given a range, and each store has 3,000 coupons max. The first round they are wanting is the first 1000 in there range (group).



Store A. 000001 003000 ....Need only 000001 001000

Store B 003001 006000 ....Need only 003001 004000

Store C 006001 009000 ....Need only 009001 010000


Once were done with this printing they will come back later and ask for the next 1,000 in there range.

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It seems you just need to create a SEQUENTIAL NUMBERING RULE and input 0001 for the start in the rule. When composing, you can select the range and output based on the criteria for that week/day. Pretty nice and doesn't require an Excel data file.


It's too bad you can't just do the WHOLE thing at once, as you could output each 1000 as batches(or breaks during output). When they call up and need another 1000 or so, it's already printed and boxed ready to ship.

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