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Quick Training Question


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Feel free to move the thread if it's in the wrong area.


What benefits would there be to on-site training that I couldn't get at work, by simply using the software and learning on the job? Keep in mind that my javascript is weak...


I was toying with the idea of looking into flying out there, but I hate flying(!!) and it's pretty expensive.


Just a thought....

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We do not do any onsite training (here at PTI) specifically on FusionPro. The only training we do here is for MarcomCentral (MCC), which includes 2 days on building templates and configuring them for MCC.


The only training offered specific to FusionPro is our webinar classes which are 2 hours each. One for Fundamentals, the other for Advanced (mostly JavaScript). For more information on these webinars, please refer to our website: http://www.pti.com/proservices/training/

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