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Printing using multiple bins from Printer


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Hello all, First time using this forum. I consider myself an intermediate Printable Desktop user. I am trying to print a job that is multiple pages in the document and Page 1 needs to pull from Drawer 1 of the printer and Pages 2-3 need to pull from drawer 2. I have read the documentation but I am unclear how to proceed. Can anyone help? Thanks in advance.


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It depends on what printer/press/RIP you're using, and its capabilities, and what output format you're composing. If the printer supports JDF, I would use that. Otherwise, if you have the PPD for your printer, you can make selections from it. Either way, in Acrobat, you open up the menu FusionPro -> Manage Pages -> Page Usage, click Edit for each page, and then click "Finish Settings." The other alternative, if you're composing to VDX, is to go through FusionPro -> Advanced -> Page Media and select from the VDX page media presets.
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