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Upgrade to CS 5.5


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Just made the upgrade, is anyone else having issues getting Indesign Cs5.5 to see the FP plug-ins? I followed the instructions on the FP website and upon startup InDesign says: Adobe InDesign does not recognize, FusionProCS5.5Ul.lnDesignPlugin as a valid plug-in., Please reinstall the FusionProCS5.5Ul.lnDesignPlugin, plug-in and restart InDesign.


I put them in Hard Drive:Applications:Adobe InDesign CS5.5/Plug-ins/Printable


I am running the current FP 7.2P1k


any idea what to do? Also, How will I make the tools appear in the new Acrobat?

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Adobe Acrobat:

View-Show/Hide-ToolBar Items-Quick Tools

Scoll to the bottom of the left pane. Third Party/FusionPro should be listed.

Highlight-click the arrow in the middle and then click ok. FP tools should now be in your Toolbar above.


Adobe InDesign:

In Fusion Pro's DOWNLOAD page, did you see the update on the Plug-in for 5.5?

Here is the area on the downloads page to go to.

FusionPro InDesign CS5.5 Plug-in

Users of FusionPro 7.2 can upgrade to the FusionPro InDesign CS5.5 plug-in without reinstalling by following the instructions below.

Download FusionPro InDesign CS5.5 Installation Instructions

Download Windows FusionPro InDesign CS5.5 Plug-in (201KB)

Download Mac FusionPro InDesign CS5.5 Plug-in (918KB)

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