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Font selection in FP Expression


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I seem to have trouble selecting a font in FP Expression (3.1.13).

I have created a separate folder with all the resources for my template (image, font). But when I select a new font nothing changes.

In the Font setup and Library window on the left I can see the new font name, but under the # it says 0. Only after closing and re-opening the template this changes to 1, but the font used is still the default Arial.

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A couple things to consider.

1) True Type Fonts are the only font type you can use with Expression. What font type is the font in question?


2) Only the "Masking Text" Expression technique will actually show the font. All of the other techniques only use the font as a method to format the personalization; as the images used for the personalization needs formatting defined as well.


Hope this steers you in the right direction.

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