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Numbering down in order in 4 stacks...HELP!


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Ok, Heres my question, I hope there is a way to do this....


I have a job that is a large ticket, 2 sides. Both sides need to be numbered. We need to run this 4-up on the sheet. There will be 5000 total numbered. The confusing part is that when these are cut in 4 they need to simply be stacked so that they remain in order. So the dummy I was given is like this...


UPPER LEFT: #'s 1-1250

LOWER LEFT: 1251-2500

UPPER RIGHT: 2501-3750

LOWER RIGHT: 3751-5000


SO I guess there are 2 questions,


#1my file is 4-up now, do I want to leave it this way, export to FP, or do I want it as a single piece, then impose in FP


#2 How will I achieve this numbering scenario?

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#1 - I would export this out/work on this in FPD as a 1up. This will allow you to use FusionPro Imposer to do it 4 up and set the Stack count in the first Step and Repeat column of the Layout section to 1250.


#2 - If it is just a sequential number, use the default Variable: «$inputrecordnumber»


Hope this helps.

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Thanks, I think that might be the way to go, one other thing... how would I do this exact process if the customer says they want leading zero's? Not sure if they are going to but want to be prepared if they do. Thanks!
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