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Is "changing the position" of the slug information something new in version 7.2? I'm on version 7.1 and the only place that I can put it is in the bottom left corner. I am not able to change the position or the orientation.


What I have been able to do is place a text box on my template that bleeds off the edge of the document and conditionally put information in the box or not so that it would print outside of the crop marks that are placed from the imposition (.fpi) file. That way I can have different information based from within the data file instead of a static piece of information as is only allowed in the "slug" area of the imposition file setup.


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You can change the position with the mark offset box, but I would like to have the slug run vertically instead of horizontally. I do know I could do it as a text box, but the slug is there for this purpose. I get the version and the page number I would need for reprints if neccesary. Just was hoping there was a way to say rotate it 90 degrees.
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