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Remove extra spaces when data is missing?


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I have a need to print membership certificates for a non-profit professional organization. Part of what needs to be printed in the member's name. This information is contained in one or more of the following data fields:


Prefix (Mr., Ms., Dr., etc.)

First Name

Middle Name

Last Name

Suffix (Jr., III, Ph.D., etc.)


Please notice I said "one or more" of those fields. It's very possible to have "Mr. Joseph Dale Adams Jr." in one row of data followed by "Miss Christine Freitag" in the next row and "Walter Koenig Ph.D." after that.


If I lay out the FPro text frame in this format:

<<Prefix>> <<First>> <<MI>> <<Last>> <<Suffix>>

how can I suppress extra spaces when no Prefix, Middle Name or Suffix is in the data? I don't want to print "Miss<space>Christine<space><space>Freitag<space>" or "<space>Walter<space><space>Koenig<space>Ph.D."-- it's not professional looking and potentially causes the layout to look unjustified if there's a space at the beginning of the line due to a lack of data in the Prefix field.




Steve Frye

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