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Two spaces in a row


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I have a customer who needs a business card formatted to have 2 spaces after each label's colon, as in "fax: " or "mobile:2spaces)"


I have a rule to format the phone number a certain way, and I'm trying to do this inside of a rule that hides the label if the field is left empty. When I preview the results it seems to work, but when I get back into Acrobat, FusionPro has trimmed my 2 spaces to 1.


Here's what I have that doesn't work (I'm a complete n00b to both javascript and FusionPro btw):


if (Field("Fax") == "")

return "";


return 'fax: ' +Rule("Change phone format Rule Fax");


I'm sure there's a way to keep both spaces, but nothing I've tried works. I'd appreciate any help.



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