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Multiple records on continues PDF


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I need some help with one of my project.

We prepare reports for branch employees - all data coming from excel file, uploaded to our template (from 2 to 250 records). There are up to 16 fields in every record.

Currently my template setup as 1 record per page so we get up to 250-page PDF.

My goal is to place at least 2 record per page and add pages as needed, so record for each branch report is multipage PDF with tag on every page (Branch YY, Page 1 of X)


Any help would be appreciated

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Let me re-phrase my question:

we get data for each record from external Excel file. All data for each record should placed formatted in the same text frame (we use extra pages to accomodate overflow).

What I need: after placing data from record 1 it should be empty line or two then data from record 2 placed in the same frame and so on.


I stuck with it and any help will be very appreciated

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