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Help with rule calling background template

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Hi all,

I need a little help tweaking a javascript rule I'm using. I have a 188 page document using a pdf background. The users select which pages they want to print and the rule calls the correct background page. Here's the rule:

var t,i;

var retstring = "";

var y = Resource("Backgrounds");

for (i=1;i<=189;i++)


if(ToTitleCase(Field(FormatNumber("000", i)+"Item"))=="Yes")


t = new FPRepeatableComponent("T1");



t.AddTextVar("Price", Field(FormatNumber("000", i)+"Price"), false);

retstring += t;



return retstring;


What I'm trying to do now is add an additional option so the user can make one selection (PRINT ALL) and have all pages print. Any advise on how to tweak the above rule to include this option or creating a new rule would be awesome. Thanks in advance.


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