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preview template not previewing

Brad Sawatzky

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I'm working on a business card template. I've created my data file, and inserted my fields into the variable text frame, but when I attempt to preview my template, all that is visable is my static content and empty text frames. I have just made the leap to FusionPro Desktop 5.1P1b from 4.1P1b, and its running on a new Mac (a G5, but it's new to me.)

If anyone has any suggestions, I'm all ears.

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I've verified and repaired Disk Permissions through Disk Utility and I now have a working preview. When I compose, my output message reads:

Job started 11:08:49 - 1229080129.

Creator: FusionPro Desktop 5.1P2c


Font assets file is not found. Only system fonts will be used for this job.

Begun composing record #1

Job ended 11:08:49 - 1229080129.

Any ideas?

Thanks Alex,

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