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I'm getting the following error when trying to write a .jlt file out of FP Desktop (7.2):


"DTL POSTSCRIPT Output Record Write Error: Mac OS error (-38)

Attempted to write 15 bytes, 0 written, current position 0"


This only happens when trying to write a jlt file. The same template RIPs to a PDF with no problems. It only happens when trying to use an imposition file. The imposition layout has 140 items per page and the error begins after processing record 140. A FP pop-up window referenced an error that said that the mac disk may be full, but I have 272 GB available on it. Again...works fine when ripping to a PDF and then crashes when writing a JLT.


I've tried the following to resolve:


• Reinstalled FP (twice)

• Rebuilt the template (InDesign) and reprogrammed it in Acrobat

• Rebuilt the imposition file

• Running only a single record (with record repeat though)

• Rebuilt the data file



Has anyone seen anything like this before?



I'm getting really frustrated with this program. It seems to crash with some arbitrary error every time that I need to process a JLT file and I don't have multiple days built into our lead times to deal with FusionPro errors. May be time to start looking for an alternate option for our variable data projects.

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I'm sorry for the trouble, but this kind of issue really should go to Support. Do you get the crash with any template? For instance, can you compose one of the tutorials such as the Frodo Travel job to JLYT? Because I can compose that to JLYT with FP 7.2 Mac just fine. If it's a template-specific issue, then please send the template to Support for analysis.
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Hi Dan,


I just sent all of the files and info to the support email. Yes, I can process other templates. I have a weekly job that runs through the same template (it's own template, not the one I'm having problems with) and it was just run successfully last week.


Thank you

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