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Hyphenation check box when editing variable text

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I looked in all the FusionPro Manuals and I couldn't find anything that cleared up my question.

When you are editing a variable text frame in Acrobat, if you click the Paragraph button there are checkboxes for both "Hyphenation" and "Do Not Break on Copyfit"


Can someone explain what the difference is? If something is set to not break on copyfit, doesn't that mean that hyphenation would automatically be turned off? and vice-versa?

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The Hyphenation box controls whether or not individual words will be broken with hyphens at the end of a line, whether copyfitting is active or not. The "Do Not Break on Copyfit" setting applies only when Copyfitting is active, and means that the entire line (paragraph) won't be broken into multiple lines, which usually means that the entire contents of the text flow must be copyfitted smaller than they would be otherwise.
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